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Products and Services

We assist you in preparing current techniques for use by your clients and users. We prefer to employ the following tools:

  • Web-enabled applications
  • Java, JavaScript, and Perl
  • Applications using databases
  • HyperWave-based solutions

User-Friendliness and ergonomics play an important part for us.

Empowerment is our central goal. We don't like to create human dependencies. We rather prefer to support our clients in employing their own capabilities for reasoning. To this aim, we have, e. g., prepared a number of professional translations of expert books and manuals, and we have also authored books (e. g., on cryptography), articles etc in various fields.

We are convinced that the Internet is not just an electronic hypermarket. Instead, it offers new forms of knowledge transfer and information gathering even in areas that are not per se oriented towards information technology. We want to help unleashing this potential.

We have built up knowledge in these areas over a number of years. Amongst others, we have focussed on fields as varied as

  • the design of systems for computer-assisted learning
  • the design of executive information systems in health economy and politics

As our task, we regard providing guidance and assistance for building information systems. We also design solutions. But we will also pick up the keyboard and prepare ready-made applications using Java, JavaScript, Perl, C, and, of course, HTML and CGI.

An overview of our publications will shortly be available here.

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